• One of the MOST important things you can do as a pro-life person is to be prepared to share your reasons for being pro-life with others. People need to know the truth about abortion but with love and compassion. Being pro-life is NOT about judging those who have had abortions but rather to extend that loving hand that says, "let me walk with you through this challenge" whether it is recovery from a past abortion or making a decision about a current pregnancy. When we change the culture to respect life at all stages of life then we will see our country's attitude toward abortion change.


    It starts with YOU. Get involved and be prepared to talk about abortion intelligently. Alive & Kicking 101 is a course that will teach you to do just that in 4 weeks!Our main goal is to educate and equip the community to be ambassadors for LIFE so you can have the  knowledge and confidence to speak boldly and accurately about abortion.


    Course Outline:


    Week One: Simplifying the Issue
    Reduce the complexity of the abortion issue by boiling it down to one essential question


    Week Two: The Scientific & Philosophical Case
    Address the basics of science that support the unborn as alive, individual and human. Learn sound, coherent arguments that support the humanity and personhood of the unborn.


    Week Three: Answering Objections
    Overcome common objections of pro-abortion rhetoric


    Week Four: Restoring Meaning to the Word “Abortion”
    Creative tools to cut through apathy and false concepts around abortion


    Each session is about an hour and a half and encourages community, interaction and sharing.


    This course can be adjusted to suit the needs of your community to fit into a specific time frame or an all day seminar.










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