• The Team


    Executive Director: Elea Hofman



    Elea Hofman first joined Halton Alive in September of 2012. She has been devoted to the work of Halton Alive ever since and strongly believes in educating people from all ages and demographics on how to be better advocates for life by sharing the truth with intelligence, compassion and love. She strives to increase unity within the pro-life movement and help shift public perception of what the pro-life movment stands for. For Elea, being pro-life is recognizing and respecting the value every human being. She has a passion for helping parents choose life and enabling them with the resources they need to make that decision. Her heart truly breaks at the thought of the unborn whose lives are ripped away in a world that seems to think their lives don't matter. 

    Elea attended Tyndale University College for two years and then transferred to Western University where she completed her BA in English Literature and Global Development Studies. She considers this education to have taught her human nature and mobilized the compassion she has always felt for the marginalized in our society. 

    When she's not working hard at Halton Alive, Elea can be found out on the Bruce Trail with her dog Meeka or pursuing some of her DIY hobbies. 

    Read Elea's personal story of the impact a culture that promotes abortion had on her earliest beginnings in life here: Just a Bad Clump of Cells



    Administrative Assistant: Suzanna Vanderwoude



    Suzanna is excited to be part of the Halton Alive team. She joined in September of 2017. Having been raised in a Christian, pro-life and politically active family, Suzanna has been aware of the sanctity of life from a very early age.  As a child she studied fetal models of various stages of development, read pro-life articles and postcards, and educated herself on abortion and related political movements.  The reality of abortion broke her heart and ignited a desire to somehow be a voice for the unborn. 

    Being blessed to have experienced pregnancy and birth four times, of her own precious children, and also witnessing the suffering and death of dear loved ones, her adult years have brought a greater understanding of the brevity and preciousness of life.  She feels passionately not only about the protection of life at all stages, but also that it should be cherished and respected no matter the situation.  Having her own children has also given her more understanding as to how a pregnancy may present as a crisis, but she would want anyone struggling with such a situation to know that there is help.  Life continues after giving birth and a child brings immeasureable joy to whomever has the priviledge of raising them.    

    Suzanna is married to Ed and they have two sons and two daughters.  In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis, reading, biking and pretty much anything that gets the family spending time together.


  • Board of Directors


    President: Wendy H. Hofman

    Vice President: Joanne Ferguson

    Secretary: Marisa DiFilippo

    Treasurer: Harry Hutten

    Aart Blokhuis

    Melanie DiGiantommaso


    Minute Taker: Stephanie Cork-Bullard

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