• The Team


    Executive Director: Elea Hofman



    Elea Hofman first joined Halton Alive in September of 2012. She has been devoted to the work of Halton Alive ever since and strongly believes in educating people from all ages and demographics on how to be better advocates for life by sharing the truth with intelligence, compassion and love. She strives to increase unity within the pro-life movement and help shift public perception of what the pro-life movment stands for. For Elea, being pro-life is recognizing and respecting the value every human being. She has a passion for helping parents choose life and enabling them with the resources they need to make that decision. Her heart truly breaks at the thought of the unborn whose lives are ripped away in a world that seems to think their lives don't matter. 

    Elea attended Tyndale University College for two years and then transferred to Western University where she completed her BA in English Literature and Global Development Studies. She considers this education to have taught her human nature and mobilized the compassion she has always felt for the marginalized in our society. 

    When she's not working hard at Halton Alive, Elea can be found out on the Bruce Trail with her dog Meeka or pursuing some of her DIY hobbies. 

    Read Elea's personal story of the impact a culture that promotes abortion had on her earliest beginnings in life here: Just a Bad Clump of Cells



    Community Engagement Coordinator: Tawnya Arsenault



    From an early age, Tawnya desired to spend her life making a difference in the world. She often found herself reaching out to the lonely and rejected at school. For this reason she views her work with Halton Alive, which she joined in August 2018, as a mission!  Tawnya decided to study psychology with the goal of helping youth find meaning and real love in their lives. This eventually led her to answer God’s call to lay missionary life in the Regnum Christi Movement where she served youth and families for 21 years in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile and the Philippines and obtained her BA in Education and Development, with a focus on the formation of young women. 

    Having been a mentor in Catholic schools for many years, she is convinced that the best way to build a culture of life in our communities is to pour into the lives of children and youth to teach and embolden the with core life values and love. The Halton Alive pillars: educate, equip and connect, resonate strongly with Tawnya and she is eager to serve and support our community to make this happen.

  • Board of Directors


    President: Wendy H. Hofman

    Vice President: Harry Hutten

    Secretary: Melanie DiGiantommaso

    Treasurer: Vic Lefebvre

    Aart Blokhuis

    Marisa DiFilippo



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